Why we are dedicating the next 30 DAYS (and beyond) to our health!

Can we be open and honest with all of you?

Every once and a while our systems need a re-boot. We need something (and someone) to hold us accountable in our pledge to living a health-based life. Yes we both get adjusted weekly and we stay active, but our diet can unfortunately get pushed to the back burner. Let's face it- starting a business and having a baby in the same year can make things a little busy, and meals are often quick and on the run.

That's why we have chosen to dedicate the next 30 days to making the right choices when it comes to our nutrition, to get back on track, and to be congruent when we encourage you to do the same.

Below are our person WHY's for dedicating the next 30 days (and beyond) to our health...

Dr. Tom's WHY:

I’m doing the challenge to give my body a reset. Life has been pretty busy running a business and taking care of a family, so I want to get back on track making the right, healthy choices to support my overall health. Making the right choices is difficult to do on your own and that’s why we are doing it together to hold each other accountable. I am looking forward to bringing back the consistency of healthy habits!

Lauren's WHY:

I'm doing the challenge for me! After having a baby, my focus and attention has been on my child's health. While this is important, I have noticed that I have unfortunately put my nutrition on the back burner. To the outside person my family may look like we eat healthy, but quick, easy, gluten free options are not always healthy options... I am looking forward to feeling held accountable, refreshed, and confident doing something beneficial for myself that I can carry out long term!


Be well,
Dr. Tom + Lauren

**If this rings true to you too, ask us how you can join us and personalize your own 30-days to healthy living challenge! Let's hold each other accountable to living a healthy lifestyle.**