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Satiate the 'I Deserve Its!'

  • Roots Family Chiropractic 2744 North Lincoln Avenue Chicago, IL, 60614 United States (map)

Join Laura Folkes, certified holistic health coach, to dig deeper into decreasing the power of cravings and help you find freedom and satisfaction around food!

You workout in the morning and eat well all day. As a result you feel really accomplished and proud of yourself. Then when it's time for dinner you decide to order pizza because you deserve it after being good all day.

Do you eat well for the most part but have a tendency to say I deserve it even when you know deep down that the food won't help you reach your health, wellness and weight goals? Shortly after, you either regret your choice and beat yourself up for sabotaging your efforts, or you justify the reasons it was OK to have the food. Either way, you feel like you're stuck in a pattern of not being able to keep your willpower up and its keeping you from reaching your goals but you're not sure how to get out of it or why it keeps happening.

If you're feeling frustrated and don't know how to break free from the pattern, this workshop will provide:

  • A better understanding of what’s keeping you stuck
  • Strategies you can use to stop saying ‘I deserve it’, even when you don’t truly want the food you’re faced with
  • Tools to put an end to the negative self-talk or justification of your choices that come up afterwards

Cost: $95 for one workshop or $225 for a pack of 3 (more details below)


More to come:
This is the first in a 6-month series of workshops where you'll explore your relationship with food and how it's affected by different areas of your life. When we aren't happy in our jobs, are intimidated by going to the gym, feel like we don't have any cute outfit options in our closet or are overwhelmed by the thought of cooking, all of these can have an impact on our food choices. For more information on future workshops in this series, click HERE!