Headache Free | Prenatal Support

I first started seeing a chiropractor in my early 20’s mostly because my mother saw one. As I got older I went into the dental field and my neck symptoms worsened. I had frequent headaches and it was difficult for me to keep up with my work. In my late 20’s I had my first daughter and still remained very active, an active duty Army Dentist, in fact. The physical activity plus my posture at work started to cause extensive pain in my right hip. It got so bad that I couldn’t run anymore, short walks were painful, carrying groceries or even my own child. I saw 3 physical therapists and I was offered steroid injection into the bursa of my hip joint which I refused. Eventually I started having low back pain as well.

Chiropractic care has greatly improved my quality of life. My headaches are totally gone now, I do not have neck pain like I used to, and my low back pain has greatly reduced. But I can definitely notice a difference between when I get adjusted and when I don’t. My minor discomfort does not keep me from doing the things that I enjoy doing, playing with my child, or even sleeping comfortably. I am currently expecting my second child and am very grateful that the hip pain was resolved before being pregnant again and bearing more weight on my body.

I am very grateful for Dr. Tom. My history of hip problems had been treated by other clinicians before Dr. Tom, but everyone usually relied on x-rays to evaluate the area. I did not like the idea of constant radiation being exposed to my hip. One thing I appreciate about Dr. Tom’s approach was that he is able to use diagnostic tools that had no side effects. I also like that Dr. Tom is comfortable with treating children. In the past I took my daughter to a different chiropractor than my own, because the chiropractor I was seeing did not adjust kids. And finally, now that I am expecting my second child, I am thankful that Dr. Tom is comfortable and trained in adjusting pregnant woman. I am excited to see how chiropractic care affects my birthing story/delivery.
— Martha

Energized | Stress Managed | Pain Free

I started at Roots in the fall of 2016. I was right in the middle of one of the more stressful periods of my work life and was hoping to feel good and be at my best during this period. I’ve gone through periods where my body doesn’t feel good due to stress (physical and mental) and was hoping to remain fresh during what I knew would be a strenuous few months. I have a few physical issues that tend to pop up during these times (low back pain and neck pain) that I was hoping to avoid. In the past, I only would have taken care of it if it got to a pain point that I couldn’t mentally shove to the side and my methodology was just to take Advil or see a doctor.

For me, the biggest impact has been two things. First, my body has felt good even though my activity level has actually been lower than I’d like. I have not had any pain in my normal problem spots since I started, and I feel like I am getting good rest... as long as my kids don’t wake me up. Second, and more importantly, I’ve felt great mentally during a truly stressful period. This could be a byproduct of some of the physical benefits mentioned above, but I have also had my team tell me that I am in a better mood after my visits to Roots. There are other benefits that I’ve noticed, but these are the two that have had the most impact.

Dr. Tom and and the team at Roots are fantastic human beings. In my work, I know how important it is to truly care about the people you are working with and it is obvious from the first meeting that Dr. Tom and the team really care about helping people. Authenticity is something I highly value and I always feel like my conversations are real and valuable when I am at Roots. They also have a great focus on the community, specifically the families in the area.
— Jeff

Digestive Issues Resolved | Pediatric Care | Family Wellness

Dr. Tom and Lauren are two of the sweetest people you will meet. Both being well versed in natural health and chiropractic care, they are surely the ones to trust with your family’s well-being. Chiropractic care has helped our family stay healthy and equipped to approach life as naturally as possible. I particularly remember how incredible it was seeing our son have digestion issues resolved within hours after leaving from his adjustment, as an infant, nonetheless. Dr. Tom and Lauren’s space is inspiring and proves their commitment to their practice. Our family highly recommends Roots Family Chiropractic.
— Eric
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Pediatric Care | Prenatal Support

I have seen my chiropractor for a few years now, but I went more often throughout my pregnancy. I wholeheartedly believe I had such a quick labor with my first child because of routine care and alignments. After my daughter was born, I took her within a week to have her first adjustment. She has had regular adjustments monthly, and I am excited that she is growing and progressing perfectly! As a mother, I believe that chiropractic is a fantastic way to be proactive. If I can help prevent sickness, ear infections, behavioral issues etc. by having my child adjusted monthly, then I am all for it. I do it for myself so why wouldn’t I for my family?! Dr. Tom and his staff are highly recommended. They are passionate about what they do, and are always furthering their knowledge on a wide range of material. Follow their social media and website, read the articles they post. The information they provide their patients with is fantastic and life changing!
— Lindsay

Pediatric Care | Prenatal Support | Family Wellness

I love getting adjusted by Dr. Tom! I feel so refreshed afterwards. The office is comforting and Lauren is welcoming every time we see them in the office. They look at the whole body and helped me understand what the root cause of my problems were. More importantly, I truly appreciate the care he provided for my wife when she was pregnant and for my son right after he was born. Roots Family truly does care for the entire family and they are great with kids! I would recommend their office to anyone in Chicago.
— Mike

Headache Free | Increased Energy | Increased Physical Performance

I originally made the decision to begin chiropractic care as a complete approach to wellness. It quickly turned into something different as I was experiencing extreme fatigue, weight gain and infertility issues. After taking medication and having more problems than I started with, I decided to approach this in a more natural way. With a combination of functional medicine and chiropractic, I was able to correct these problems in a way I never thought possible. Chiropractic has opened my eyes to the ability that my body can heal itself. Rather than taking medications, I rely on trips to the chiropractor to remove any interferences that keep my body from healing on its own.

Since beginning care, I have seen a great improvement in posture. I actually find myself sitting up straight without consciously telling myself to maintain good posture. I have found it much more enjoyable to do a yoga workout as I am not struggling to hold poses like I used to. Yay flexibility! I have seen positive improvements in my energy levels. Before care, I would snooze the alarm 5 of 6 times (my husband loved that…). Now I wake up recharged and ready to take on the day.

Dr. Tom is great. I am someone who has learned the value of being educated on my health, and he is great about explaining what is going on and how he is going to address it. Lauren is always smiling and her positivity is contagious. My appointments are almost always in the morning before I head to work, so it’s nice to start the day on a positive note. Getting adjusted before work is also great because I feel like I just got a massage first thing in the morning. It is great!
— Leah
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Increased Energy | No Headaches | No Back Pain

I started chiropractic care because I had a good conversation with Dr. Tom about how my lower back was sore and I was experiencing frequent headaches. He shared that my nervous system might be all sorts of whacky and that I should get checked out. These headaches were affecting the quality time I could be spending with my wife in the evenings. In the past I saw a chiropractor on a pain based schedule, but now that chiropractic care is a regular part of my life, I feel great!

Overall, I feel much better. I feel rejuvenated in the morning when I wake up and not tired in the early evenings, like I was before. I also rarely have a headache, which in return, makes me feel much better. Chiropractic care has changed my life and it allowed me to spend more quality time with my wife and dog!

Dr. Tom and his office are top of the line! I know Dr. Tom personally and have for many years. His passion is contagious and he is fulfilling his dream of having his own practice. His staff, who happens to be his wife, Lauren, is very welcoming and friendly. They make a difference in their community.
— Austin

Sciatica Free | Improved Sleep

I started chiropractic care to combat long-term issues. Specifically back pain, tightness, and sciatica that have bothered me throughout the years. I didn’t feel like my body was working at its full potential. While under care I have noticed improved sleep, which was previously a major issue. Other changes I have noticed include minimal back tightness and my body re-charging faster after activity. The Roots team is great. Dr. Tom is passionate about what he does, and it is definitely evident!
— Jeremy

Increased Mobility | Wellness Care

I have been a patient of Dr. Tom for two months. Not only is he an expert in keeping me in tip/top shape, but he and his lovely wife, Lauren, are two of the kindest, most accommodating people you could ever meet!! It is always wonderful each Thursday morning to get properly aligned, visit a few moments and start my day!!
— Karl
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Increased Energy | Medication Free

Can’t thank them enough for helping me live a happier, healthier life with no medications or symptoms! My NEW “normal” is waking up energized so I can focus on enjoying each and every day! Families are blessed to have this pediatric practice in the Chicago area!
— Morgan

Wellness Care

Wow! What Dr. Tom has going on at this clinic is truly something special. I grew up with Chiropractic care in my family with a brother, cousins and uncles being practicing Doctors of Chiropractic so I can say with assurance that I know a great doctor when I see one. Dr. Tom is just that. He is so passionate about his patients and their health. It is amazing and truly inspiring to see someone that is so committed to the health and care of all of his patients. If you are looking for a Doc to take care of you, your family, and children, look no further. Dr. Tom Williams is just who you need to see.... especially if you are in the Chicago area. He and his wife Lauren are just an incredible team and I couldn’t suggest a better couple to help care for you and your families health and future.
— Keaton