Torque Release Technique (TRT) is a neurologically-based assessment and adjustment technique.  It is the first chiropractic technique developed for children and adults in the 21st Century.  TRT focuses on the connection points between the spinal cord and spinal column, and it reduces tension using an instrument called the Integrator. TRT detects the SOURCE of tension finding the root cause through a series of reflex checks.

The instrument utilized in TRT, the Integrator, was developed by Dr. Jay Holder.  The Integrator mimics a manual adjustment, but provides greater specificity and requires less force than an adjustment delivered by hand.

The following words have been used to describe TRT, and align with the values of Roots Family Chiropractic in providing quality care:

Precise, Specific, Gentle, Fast, Effective, Reliable, and Consistent

The Webster Technique is another chiropractic technique offered at Roots Family Chiropractic. This technique emphasizes on re-establishing balance in the pelvis. Through a specific analysis and adjustment, the technique aims towards reducing stress to the sacral joint and supporting ligaments in pregnant women.