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Learn to change your beliefs on chiropractic by following our Mythbuster Monday series each week! In each video, Dr. Tom and Lauren will overcome the most common myths pertaining to chiropractic, educate you on the true role of chiropractic in healthcare, and the vast capabilities chiropractic holds in regards to your family's health!

Get inspired by Dr. Tom during this jam-packed Wellness Wednesday series! These brief, 60-second videos are designed to educate you on all areas of wellness, not just chiropractic, and how together they all play a vital role in achieving your health goals. Tune in every Wednesday to learn what you can do to unlock your true health potential!

Join Lauren, Dr. Tom's wife, as she empowers you to have the pregnancy and birth you desire! Listen to her personal journey, and create your very own birth plan, as she educates you on a different topic each week. Every woman has a different path through pregnancy, we want to support you in navigating this amazing journey!