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Roots Family Chiropractic provides exceptional care to every individual who walks into our office, and we want you to feel at home while doing so. Therefore, your first visit will be a thorough and organized process so that we can best get to know you, and you can also best get to know us!

1. Schedule your appointment! Call 312.724.8724
2. Please fill out corresponding intake paperwork below, and e-mail completed forms to one day prior to your scheduled appointment:

Adult Intake Forms- click HERE
Pediatric Intake Forms- click HERE
Pregnancy Intake Forms- click HERE

3. When you come to our office at your scheduled appointment time, you will first be given a tour of Roots Family Chiropractic
4. You will then meet Dr. Tom for a one-on-one consultation
5. After the consultation, we will complete your assessment via the Insight Subluxation Station and x-rays (if necessary)

After your Day 1 in the office, you will return for your Day 2 Report of Findings appointment. At this appointment, we will dive into detail regarding your exam findings and provide options on how chiropractic care can best serve you and your family’s needs. After the Report of Findings, we will get you checked and on the road to health and wellness.

*This day gap in between Day 1 and Day 2 allows time for Dr. Tom to thoroughly review your assessment and history to create an individualized care plan for you and your family!