20 Things You Didn't Know About Dr. Tom!

In honor of Dr. Tom’s birthday this week, we are sharing fun facts about our favorite doc!

  1. Dr. Tom worked on a horse ranch for a summer in college- he still has his spurs, wrangler jeans, and cowboy hat! It was the same horse ranch he grew up going to every summer for family vacation.

  2. Dr. Tom has refereed soccer since he was a pre-teen, and even refereed collegiate soccer during grad school.

  3. Dr. Tom’s drink of choice is a margarita (I mean… whose isn’t?!)

  4. If Dr. Tom could travel anywhere he would go to New Zealand! The land of any type of extreme sports, beaches AND mountains. What more can you ask for?

  5. Some of Dr. Tom’s favorite restaurants in Chicago include Antique Taco, Au Cheval (or Small Cheval as a quick family bite), and Green Street Smoked Meats.

  6. Dr. Tom grew up in a south suburb of Chicago- Oak Forest.

  7. When starting chiropractic school Dr. Tom’s goal was to be a sports chiropractor, specifically the chiropractor for the Chicago Fire. His plans quickly changed and his passion fueled after hearing a story of chiropractic helping a young child with autism.

  8. Dr. Tom’s son was born at home and received his 1st adjustment at 20 minutes old.

  9. Dr. Tom has been sky-diving TWICE.

  10. Dr. Tom has 1 brother. His brother owns two local businesses with his wife, Kristin- shout out to Livesidemedia (the creator of our beautiful website and video content) and Trailhead Creative (wedding photography and videography).

  11. Even in the dead of winter, Dr. Tom’s favorite coffee drink is cold brew.

  12. During the summer, you will most likely find Dr. Tom at the beach playing spike ball or setting up his hammock and slack-line.

  13. Dr. Tom was featured on ABC national news, CBS, Upworthy, Popsugar, and MORE for baby-wearing his son in the office during 4th trimester.

  14. Dr. Tom has celiac disease and has been gluten-free since shortly after being introduced to solids as a baby.

  15. Dr. Tom's winter sport of choice is snowboarding. He has been a snowboarder since about 8 years of age.

  16. Dr. Tom is a big believer that electronics should be put away before bed. His phone is never in his bedroom, not even to charge.

  17. Despite playing soccer since he was a toddler, Dr. Tom HATES running. His workout movements of choice include deadlifts and squats.

  18. Dr. Tom went on a chiropractic mission trip to the island of Bequia during chiropractic school. To date, this was one of his most rewarding trips.

  19. Can we all just give a round of an applause for Dr. Tom’s new beard!

  20. As a child, Dr. Tom was platinum blonde and his bright blue eyes have always been a bold feature.


We appreciate you and all you do for your personal family, the families at Roots,
and the Chicago community at large!