Chiropractors are Laughable

You have probably heard it before...
"Chiropractors are laughable."

However you may be thinking of this phrase in a different light than we do. Today we are talking about the fact that pediatric chiropractics, like Dr. Tom, are actually happily laughing in their offices (and their patients are too)!

When you step into our office, something is different. There is a different feel. It isn't a sterile, quiet, or serious place, but instead a fun, joyful place to be! You will hear kids playing, parents talking, all while Dr. Tom leads the show. 


We laugh with our patients.
We make our patients laugh.
Our patients make us laugh.
We have fun in our office.
We truly love what we do.


Our patients get checked in our office for all different reasons. Some come because their child is fairly healthy, and they understand the value of chiropractic as wellness care. Others come because their child is truly suffering; they have tried every other option, and nothing else has resulted in significant benefits.

Some consultations are filled with parents smiling, explaining a happy birth story and few health complaints for their child. Other consultations are filled with parents sharing a less than desirable story of their child's health, and tears of hope that chiropractic can help. 

But while in our office, no matter what story is yours, we want to be your #HopeDealers! We want to bring joy back into your lives. We want to see your health THRIVE. Chiropractic isn't "laughable"; but we do want to hear you laugh, your child laugh, and allow you to experience a side of healthcare you have been missing! When you walk through our doors, we know you will leave with at least one smile (or more!). 

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