Our Top Essential Oils for Bedtime

What does the environment look like for your child’s sleep?
Is a noise maker necessary?
Are the lights dimmed?
Is the surrounding area quiet?
Was a the a routine in place prior?

In our home we have a bedtime routine for our little guy. Between consistency with our routine and weekly
chiropractic care to help pump the brakes on chemical, physical and emotional stress- bedtime has been much easier!

Our routine looks like this:
1. Pick out and put on pajamas
2. Brush teeth together
3. Mama reads 2 stories (2 stories only) while daddy-o sets up Oliver’s room
4. Room set-up includes white noise machine on, blinds closed, lights dimmed, and oil diffuser on

Setting the environment for successful sleep is unique to each child. With time and consistency, this routine has worked for us- as simple as it sounds!
Below are the top 3 essential oils we use during our routine to help promote good sleep:

  1. Sleepygize

    This essential oil is really our go-to. Since it is part of the Young Living kid’s line, it has been formulated and diluted with a carrier oil so it holds a very mild, gentle smell. I find this oil key at bedtime (especially in small rooms) because it doesn’t over power the room or the child but still does the trick!

  2. Gentle Baby

    We love this oil at all times of the day, but especially when it is time to unwind for a nap or for bed! This is one of our family’s favorite oils, and it is ideal for setting a calm, relaxing environment. I even use this oil to apply to Oliver’s wrists during “terrible 2” periods to help him unwind.

  3. Peace and Calming

    A few drops of this essential oil in your child’s room (a little bit goes a long way) is sure to set the mood for sleep. Moms, this is also a great essential oil to diffuser for yourself after the house settles down for the night. It is one of my favorite oils to diffuse with a good book! The name of the oil says it itself… it’s time for some peace + calming after a busy day.