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Ear infection… after ear infection… after ear infection.

Like other parents, you have probably tried it all for your child including the “wait-and-see” method, multiple rounds of antibiotics, and even surgical tubes, but yet they still return! As a parent you are probably thinking, "I just haven't found the help that I am looking for."

In our mainstream medical society, antibiotics seem to be the most common approach in treating ear infections. However, this may not be the BEST approach according to many medical sources:

The CDC (2017) states, “OME almost always goes away on its own and will not benefit from antibiotics.”

Mayo Clinic (2016) also reports, “Talk to your doctor about the benefits of antibiotics weighed against the potential side effects, and concern about overuse of antibiotics creating strains of resistant disease.” (Side effects include possible diarrhea, allergic reactions, rashes, and antibiotic resistance that no parent wants their child to deal with!)

What if there was a way to help your child without weighing any “potential side effects” or the risk of more ear infections rather than less?

What if you were able to find what you have been looking for all this time?

Ear Infections and Chiropractic Care

Many parents are unaware of the secret weapon in healthcare when it comes to effectively addressing ear infections: chiropractic. Unlike traditional medical approaches, chiropractic works naturally to restore normal body function and does not follow a “wait-and-see” approach or the prescription of medications.

Research has shown strong correlations between children receiving chiropractic adjustments and decreased frequency and length of ear infections. Chiropractors often focus on gathering information about the child’s birth process during their initial consultation due to the fact that birth (whether vaginal, via c-section, or forceps) can result in upper neck trauma for the child. This is important because the nerves located in this area innervate functions associated with the immune system and ENT.

[Note: Chiropractors don’t claim to “cure” infections by adjusting this area and others. Rather they work to correct nerve interference so that the body is able to heal itself.]

Get Your Child Checked!

As stated prior, research on chiropractic care and ear infections is on the rise. One study completed by Joan M. Fallon, D.C. (1997) comprised of 332 children struggling with frequent ear infections, ranging between the ages of 27 days to 5 years.

The researcher found that after receiving consistent chiropractic care, close to 80% of children did not experience another ear infection within a 6-month period. It is also important to note that during this 6-month period, the children continued to receive chiropractic care on a maintenance regiment. If you loved the results you saw, and knew your child was healthier because of it, why not continue along the preventative path for your child?

If your child is suffering from frequent ear infections, and you are looking for a lasting and effective approach for healing-
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