OUR FAVORITE THINGS: Holiday Gift Guide Edition!

With the holidays right around the corner, who else is searching for the perfect gifts?
We are so excited to share with you a few of our FAVORITE things for every type of person, just in time for the holidays.

-For the New Mom-

We have a huge heart for new moms, so we have a few gift ideas up our sleeves for them! Moms are practical. We don’t want a bunch of stuff clogging up our homes, but we do want things that will make our lives EASIER! Below are 3 ways to show the new mom in your life some love while also saving her time and energy (which results in more snuggles from her babes).

Solly Baby Wrap
The Solly Baby Wrap is HANDS-DOWN our favorite baby-wearing carrier. Not only do they offer the most beautiful and minimal patterns, but they are also super lightweight which is great for postpartum recovery. We have recommended this wrap to so many, and they all come back saying the same thing: “I loved it so much that I bought more than one.” Not only is this wrap comfortable for women, but also for the little babe and the men in your life who want to baby-wear! Highly recommend Solly Baby Wrap(s) for hands-free use while your baby is still getting the benefit of being close during the 4th trimester and beyond. Worried about how to use it? No worries! Solly also has super easy to use video tutorials on their website.


2. Honest Diaper Subscription Bundle
What you put on your baby truly does matter. These diapers are gentle on your little ones and are made without chlorine, latex, synthetic fragrances or lotions. With their diaper bundles you will save BIG, and not have to worry about running out of diapers! We have been there… too many late night trips to the store because you grabbed your last diaper from the pile. This diaper subscription gets sent monthly and includes 7 packs of diapers + 4 packs of whips. The first bundle you purchase, you automatically get a discount. We got $20 off our first bundle! What’s great is that you can modify each month (i.e. order new sizes and/or prints), plus you can cancel at anytime! Win, win all around if you ask us.

3. Green Diaper Babies Cloth Diaper Subscription
This gift idea is for the new mom who wants to go more green. We get it, and LOVE it! However, who actually wants to do the dirty work that comes along with cloth diapering? With Green Diaper Babies, you don’t have to because they do it for you! This LOCAL Chicago-based service truly rocks! Green Diaper Babies is a cloth diaper delivery service that will pick up your dirty diapers, wash them, and deliver a clean set weekly. They even provide the pail liner bag, AND offer combination packages which include 1/2 cloth and 1/2 paper diapers.

-For the Homebody-

Hanna Andersson Pajamas
Dr. Tom recently surprised our family with these amazing pajamas. Not only are they stinkin’ adorable, but they are made from organic cotton which rocks our socks. They offer a variety of styles and have pajamas for the whole family! You can receive 15% off your first order online, and also have a store on Southport!

-For the Clean Beauty Lover-

Primally Pure Starter Kit
About 5 years ago, we switched over all of our self-care and cleaning products to safer, cleaner, non-toxic brands. We can’t stress enough how important it is to educate yourself on what goes in your body and ON your body. For those of you who want to start the switch, but don’t know where to start… we got you covered! Primally Pure is one of our FAVORITE non-toxic self-care brands. Their deodorant is flat out amazing, and we are constantly fighting over their chapstick in our family! This starter kit is the perfect gift for those people in your life who are curious about clean self-care products, or who have already made the switch! Comes with your choice of deodorant, 3 lip balms, body butter, and their everything spray (all in a super cute bag).

-For the Health Conscious-

1. Berkey Water Filtration System
Our family owns a Berkey Water System and we will never look back! It is incredible and goes above and beyond in regards to water purification standards. Not only does the filtration system remove bacteria, parasites, and harmful/unwanted metals and chemicals from your water (beyond detectable levels), but it doesn’t remove the minerals that provide nutritional value to your family! Now that’s definitely a win, win. For those of you who agree that flouride has no place in our water, flouride water filters from Berkey are also a must. These filtration systems come in a variety of sizes, but all have a sleek look that makes for a perfect addition to your home.

2. Oura Ring
The Oura ring is super sleek and super awesome (especially for those men in your life!). The ring tracks valuable information regarding your health, including sleep quality and performance throughout your day. We all are familiar with step trackers and calories burned, but have you ever wondered what your heart rate variability (HRV) is throughout the day? What your recovery looks like from simple or more involved exercise? Or what your sleep trends, cycles, and quality actually is? This ring has it ALL!

-For the Host or Hostess-

Dry Farm Wines
We all have those people in our lives who just rock at hosting, and you never know what to gift them! Dry Farm Wines is your answer. These wines are the cleanest you can get: minimal filtering, no sulfites, no added sugar, and no chemical additives for flavor/color/aroma. This subscription can be sent monthly or bi-monthly, and can be cancelled at anytime. Trust us when we say that this wine is amazing and will take your gifting experience to the next level!

-For the Little Ones-

Hape Wooden Toys
Is anyone else obsessed with these adorable wooden toys? Our 18-month old loves “helping” in the kitchen, so a few of the Hape kitchen accessories have made their way into our cart! Why wooden toys? Not only do they last much longer, but they are also better for the environment during production. Hape toys are extremely durable and have options for all ages, i.e. riding toys, infant toys, and more!