Practice what you preach.

In our office, our mission is to empower families to live a health-based life.
We strive to bring hope to families battling health challenges.
We educate families on health, and how our bodies are designed to function.
And because of this, we are role models for you on this health journey!

But can we be honest with you?

Sometimes our own health isn't as good as it should be.
Sometimes our diets aren't what you would expect.
Sometimes our child gets sick.
Sometimes he is the one that won't stop crying.
And sometimes we too are just plain stressed out.

Just like everyone else, we aren't perfect. Our health isn't perfect.
We need reminders, reboots, and accountability too.
This is why we say it can be "challenging" in our role, but also very rewarding!


But there is ONE THING we always prioritize: 
Our weekly adjustments.

Even when our diet and exercise routine have hit the fan, we ALWAYS practice what we preach when it comes to chiropractic. We know that when our nervous system is functioning properly, we are better able to handle and adapt to whatever stressors come our way. Because of this, all three of us get checked and adjusted at least 1x/week. 

Our weekly adjustments are also a time to reminder ourselves how amazing our bodies truly are. It is a time to reflect on how we have been positively or negatively fueling them, and begin to make changes where necessary.

What areas of your health do you always practice what you preach?

Be well,
Dr. Tom + Lauren