Sick to Healthy in 5 Steps!

Every parent wants their child to experience health, happiness, and success! It is innately ingrained in us as parents. Not only do we hate to see our children struggle, but we want to see them THRIVE.

Here are 5 ways to ensure your child is on the right path towards health:

  1. See a chiropractor.
    You know that the nervous system is the “master controller” of the human body, right? It is the system that controls EVERY OTHER system! It tells your heart to beat, your lungs to inflate and deflate for breath, muscles to contract and relax, growth and development to occur, and your emotions to be regulated based on the current situation and perceived amount of “threat”.

    I believe that it is also safe to say that if something was interfering with the nervous system’s ability to function, then dis-ease could occur more rapidly. This is exactly what chiropractors aim to detect and correct: interference to the nervous system. Because of this, children have experienced AMAZING results with the following and more: colic, difficulty breastfeeding, improper digestion, irregular respiration rates, asthma, muscle tone imbalance, ear infections, vestibular concerns, sleeping problems, headaches, behaviors issues (ADD, ADHD, autism), and sensory integration dysfunctions. Parents have also sought out chiropractors as their family’s source of wellness care!

    Getting your child checked by a chiropractor can also help them to combat the “Three T’s” discussed below.

  2. Decrease the “Three T’s” from your child’s routine.
    The “Three T’s” include Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxins:

    Thoughts (Emotional Stress)-
    Emotional stress, anxiety, and depression can occur due to hormonal regulation. Children may express this type of stress through physical outlets such as stomach aches, headaches, diarrhea, and behavioral outbursts. Surround your child with positivity and support if emotional stress is evident.

    Traumas (Physical Stress)-
    Physical stress can unfortunately begin as early as the birth process. Children can face up to 60-90lbs of pressure on their fragile heads and necks during delivery- even more if interventions are involved! However, children can also experience physical stress such as falling when learning to walk, injuries while playing sports, and accidents during everyday life.

    Toxins (Chemical Stress)-
    Chemical stress is evident everywhere in today’s environment. Toxins can be found in household cleaning products, processed foods, prescription medications, etc. They can negatively impact your child’s nervous system by bombarding it with a toxic load. Reduce your child’s exposure to toxins by reading the labels in these products and educating yourself on the side effects.

  3. Stay active.
    Ditch sedentary screen time for your child! Not only is your child’s brain not getting the proper stimulation it needs from screen time; but often times children have poor posture during these activities. A hunched over, forward flexed posture, is the most common and can result in vertebral misalignments. Collaborate with your child on what activities they would like to participate in so that they feel involved and excited to stay active!

  4. Advocate for them.
    As a parent, you truly do know what’s best! Advocate for your children and educate yourself on what’s best for your family in regards to parenting styles, pressured interventions, and support required in school. Your child will feel your support even though they won’t always verbalize it.

  5. Love on them!
    If your child is facing health concerns, behavioral issues, or sensory disorders, we know that each day can be a challenge. Continue to love on your child, and remind yourself that achieving health can be a journey, even with the right support. We want to help you, support you on this path, and spread the power of chiropractic with your family so that this journey can be a smooth one!

What if my child is already “healthy”?
Health is measured by how well the body is functioning, not by how we feel or the symptoms we express. If your child is feeling great, then we are happy for them! However, we still believe that every child should be under wellness care to ensure they stay this way! At Roots Family Chiropractic, we don’t guess with your health, we check.

To ensure your child is reaching their full health potential, come to Roots Family Chiropractic where we can gather an objective measurement of your child’s current health based on the function of their nervous system!

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