Reducing Stress: Life of a SuperMom

Let’s face it, every mom has superhero qualities.

You are equipped with “faster-than-light speed” to get your child from point-A to point-B.
You have high tolerance for pain- after all, you gave birth to that little one!
You are constantly looking out for the safety of others.
You have a side-kick, “coffee”, that helps you tackle your day.
And you just plain kick butt!

But sometimes the reality is added responsibility comes with repercussions. Even superheroes need help sometimes; and no I don’t mean more of your “side-kick” coffee…


Many parents, specifically moms, face chronic stress that can lead to increased fatigue, headaches, tension, and overall fogginess. Even though others around you may also be facing this “supermom syndrome”, it does not mean that it is normal. Taking medications to mask the symptoms may also seem common, but once again are not normal. Common does NOT equal normal. You need to put your health first too!

1.     Get checked by a chiropractor
Many of you get your children checked by a chiropractor in our office so that they can better handle stress, which is awesome! But why aren’t you getting checked? In our office, we run a set of scans that measure nerve function and stress. These scans help Dr. Tom determine where your stress is located and how it is affecting your health and well-being. Let’s kick that stress response, or “fight-or-flight” pattern, to the curb with chiropractic! The longer we stay stuck in this pattern, the faster we will wear down.

2.     Eat healthy foods
Make sure your nutrition is not suffering while you are on-the-go! Just as your children need proper nutrition to grow and develop, you need proper nutrition to have energy throughout the day to keep up with them! Foods high in sugar can lead to crashing mid-day. So stick with quality meats, fruits, veggies, and nuts/seeds to feel fueled and refreshed!

3.     Get plenty of rest
Sleep is valuable to recovery and managing stress! If you are suffering from decreased quality of sleep due to stress, please get checked by a chiropractor. In our office, we frequently have practice members report improved sleep after beginning care. We know that this occurs due to chiropractors impacting the nervous system’s “fight-or-flight” response by removing interference and putting on the brakes.

 4.     Exercise
Exercising doesn’t have to be a high-intensity workout. If you are facing stress, lighter activities such as a long walks, jogging, or yoga can help you unwind.

 5.     Make time for YOU
Take time each day to be present in the moment and to focus on your needs. Wake up   before everyone else to have quiet coffee time, read before going to bed, or schedule a sitter so that you can workout or run errands without the entire crew. In order to give your all to your family, you also need to give yourself quality time!