What Are You Thankful For?

In the midst of this crazy world and life's busy agenda, do you ever stop to think about what you are thankful for? Do you ever thank people for what they have done for you in the moment? Even more specifically, have you ever sat down and wrote a list of everything you are thankful for?


With Thanksgiving being just around the corner, I encourage you to start doing these things. I challenge you to be more conscious in making gratitude a habit every day!

Here is a list of what I am thankful for:

35   Funny TV shows

36   Impromptu phone calls

37   Upcoming Friendsgivings

38   Holidays spent with family

39   Game nights

40   Traveling

41   Full closets

42   Cuddling

43   Mornings that allow for sleeping in

44   In-unit washer and dryer

45   Generous individuals

46   Baking

47   A clean apartment

48   Farmer’s markets

49   Meal prep days: fridge filled with colorful fruits/veggies

50   Chiropractic

51   Pumpkin spice flavored items

52   The ability to share health with others!

53   Belly laughs

54   Wine nights

55   Warm blankets

56   Good conversations

57   Having someone smile at me when walking down the street

58   A good pair of shoes

59   Hiking days

60   Brunch with friends

61   Bacon wrapped foods

62   Photography

63   Baseball games (Go Cubs Go!)

64   Baby snuggles

65   Writing this blog!

And the list goes on!

1      Family time

2     Friendship near and far

3      Health

4      Baby Williams growing rapidly in my tummy

5      Positivity

6      An amazing boss who pushes me to be better (aka: my husband!)

7      The calming atmosphere of RFC

8      Sunday morning church

9      A God that is unfailing

10   Headphone music on an early morning commute

11   Reading books on our perfect couch

12   Quiet time

13   Mind Mastery cards

14   Unexpected hugs

15   Uplifting people

16   Girl time

17   Whole Foods trips

18   Ice cream nights

19   A necessary cry

20   Acts of service

21   Surprises

22   A good sweat from a hard workout

23   Free parking spots

24   Hand-written thank you cards

25   Pretty knickknack stores

26   Fall weather

27   Coffee

28   Chilly walks all bundled up

29   Exploring new places

30   Transportation

31   A cozy apartment

32   Breakfast made for me in the morning

33   Apple orchards

34   Date days or nights