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Panic Attack Free | Improved Allergies | Pre/Post-natal Support

“I started chiropractic care when a friend recommended that I try it for my round ligament pain. I was in constant pain and along with severe nausea I had a hard time doing anything. I no longer wanted to go out, I hated doing my prenatal yoga, and even getting groceries was a chore! Sitting or standing didn’t make a difference, I couldn’t sleep and I thought if I am THIS miserable at this point of my pregnancy I don’t see how on earth I am going to make it. I was desperate! Then I started looking up chiropractors in my area and I ran across Root’s Family Chiropractic on Yelp and went on to the website. I really liked how Dr. Tom’s focus was on pre-natal and child care.

I have lots more energy (even with a newborn!) I no longer deal with panic attacks and now I walk all over the city no problem. My pregnancy journey changed from something that I had to “get through” to an experience I could enjoy. I would recommend Dr. Tom to every pregnant woman I came across. I noticed that I was feeling much better and that my over all health was improving. I was no longer constipated, I was not getting sick, and my allergies were much improved! I also only had mild discomfort with my round ligaments and Dr. Tom’s soft tissue work took care of that! The nurses and hospital staff could not believe how quickly I was healing and recovering, I feel that everything I did helped; but one of the biggest things was my chiropractic care with Dr. Tom. I even went in to get adjusted right before heading to the hospital! That’s how much I believe in being “well adjusted”.

Dr. Tom and the staff at Roots Family Chiropractic are amazing! Right from the beginning Dr. Tom explained what his process was and wanted to know what my “goals” were for my health. I’ve gone to different providers that are “alternative” and unlike those other practices, I was actually involved and played an active part in my treatment. I really appreciate that Dr. Tom and I built a relationship that allowed me to track my progress. After I came home from the hospital, I asked Dr. Tom if he would be willing to check my little bubba being that he had a traumatic birth and I wanted to get him back on track. He came to my home and adjusted the both of us! Dr. Tom goes above and beyond to take care of his patients and treats you as a part of his family. The staff at Roots Family Chiropractic is professional and friendly. If that is important to you have found the practice for you. I have enjoyed getting to know Lauren and Oliver and now that my whole family is being treated we have even more fun! Family centric care is the base of this practice with a commitment to helping you be your best self. My family is very fortunate to be a part of this practice.”

— Jazmin

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Pediatric Care |  Better Concentration | Sensory Processing

“Eleanor has been struggling with sensory processing issues since birth. She was bothered by certain touch or environmental stimulus. She was behind in several milestones. Night terrors took over our nights. She also had a hard time concentrating, dealing with emotions and following through with tasks. Occupational therapy was helpful in that it helped us parents learn what is going on and how to help her. But it never made the underlying issues go away. We used natural supplements daily for her to cope. 

We started seeing Dr. Tom when she was 4 years old and saw immediate results with the first adjustment. Her school asked what we did differently because she was like a different kid in the classroom. She was concentrating better, handling her emotions, improving on potty training. With every adjustment, the sensory issues seem to just melt away. 

With Eleanor feeling better, she is now starting to catch up at school. The stress at home has been much better and we get to enjoy more fun time together instead of always dealing with a melt down. We can even participate in more social activities! It’s like a wall has been lifted and Eleanor is able to be the person she is on the inside. 

Dr Tom is the best! His specific chiropractic approach addresses the root cause and not just a temporary fix. He is open and helps each client how they need it. The office is very welcoming to families and is kid friendly.”

— Missy