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Pediatric Care |  Better Concentration | Sensory Processing

“Eleanor has been struggling with sensory processing issues since birth. She was bothered by certain touch or environmental stimulus. She was behind in several milestones. Night terrors took over our nights. She also had a hard time concentrating, dealing with emotions and following through with tasks. Occupational therapy was helpful in that it helped us parents learn what is going on and how to help her. But it never made the underlying issues go away. We used natural supplements daily for her to cope. 

We started seeing Dr. Tom when she was 4 years old and saw immediate results with the first adjustment. Her school asked what we did differently because she was like a different kid in the classroom. She was concentrating better, handling her emotions, improving on potty training. With every adjustment, the sensory issues seem to just melt away. 

With Eleanor feeling better, she is now starting to catch up at school. The stress at home has been much better and we get to enjoy more fun time together instead of always dealing with a melt down. We can even participate in more social activities! It’s like a wall has been lifted and Eleanor is able to be the person she is on the inside. 

Dr Tom is the best! His specific chiropractic approach addresses the root cause and not just a temporary fix. He is open and helps each client how they need it. The office is very welcoming to families and is kid friendly.”

— Missy


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Pediatric Care | Less Anxiety | Autism

“We had recently met with the doctor that diagnosed Yanni with Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in 2010 for a follow-up evaluation. She alerted me that as he gets older that we may need to consider medication. He was 8.5 when we met with her and said that he was showing signs of ADHD, which was the reason for the meds. This, of course, did not sit well with me and wanted to find alternative ways to help him. He has received therapy since the age of 3 yrs (Speech, OT, Developmental, and currently Behavior (ABA)). No medications. Ever.

Upon starting care at Roots Family Chiropractic, we started seeing the transformations within the first month. The results really showed through in the classroom. His teachers would come up to me saying that his speech especially had exploded. And that his participation really had evolved - kind of suddenly. And as the treatment progressed, he just overall calmed down.

Roots Family Chiropractic is awesome. If I can say with one word, Awesome! I first met Lauren and she was kindly described the treatment for Autism. Dr. Tom truly is passionate about caring for children. It shows with his patience and overall wellness for the entire family. He listens and tries to find ways to help me with my struggles too. The clinic is very inviting and comfortable. I cannot say enough to express how thankful I am to Dr. Tom and his loyalty for caring for Yanni. It’s amazing.”

— Genia