This is why people suffer from allergies...

Do you wonder why you suffer with allergies more than another person?
What does it actually mean to have allergies?


Someone who has allergy symptoms has an immune system that is overreacting to a foreign substance like pollen or dust. In other words, the immune system is confused and thinks these particles are harmful to the body- when in fact, they are harmless!

Therefore, allergies are due to an immune system challenge. It makes sense for someone with allergies to get congested frequently, get sick frequently during other times of the year (not just “allergy season”), and deal with other immune system challenges. Does this sound right?

What other system in the body controls the immune system? The nervous system does.

It is true that when the nervous system isn’t functioning optimally, the immune system can be challenged. The role of a chiropractor is to address the health of someone’s nervous system and help improve its function. This is why people we see in our office get sick less often and have less allergy symptoms. It’s time to experience something different with your health so we can finally get rid of all the Kleenex boxes, and you can be functioning to your fullest ability!