3 types of STRESS impacting your child (+ what to do about it!)

In order to ensure proper growth and development for your child, chiropractic care is beneficial for reducing three specific forms of "stress" impacting your child on a daily basis:

1. Physical stress (Traumas)- Physical stress on your child's body and nervous system can include falls, which occur when children learn to walk, injuries at the park or while playing sports, etc. Other forms of physical trauma can occur as early as in utero- if baby is constrained due to improper position- and also during the birthing process. According to a well-known research study completed by Viola Frymann, DO, 9 out of 10 infants suffer from birth trauma. This means 90% of the studied infants suffer from some sort of “birth trauma” that includes strain in the neck and cranial areas- WOW! For more information on this, please click HERE.

2. Chemical stress (Toxins)- Chemical stress is evident everywhere in today's current environment. These stressors can negatively impact your child's nervous system by bombarding it with toxic substances. Such chemicals can be found in processed foods, household cleaning agents, prescription medications, plastics, etc.

3. Emotional stress (Thoughts)- Emotional stress, such as anxiety and depression, can also occur in children just like it does in adults. However, children typically express emotional stress via physical outlets (stomach aches, headaches, diarrhea, behavioral outbursts, etc.). As a parent or caregiver, it is important to recognize these expressions for what they are and address the root cause of the presenting symptoms.

The role of a chiropractor is to detect and correct subluxations, or stress on the nerves, nervous system, and the organs/glands/tissues they innervate. If your nervous system is unable to communicate properly due to the above subluxations, these 3 forms of stress may amplify symptoms, result in difficulty self-healing, and/or lead to further complications. Unfortunately, we see these types of stress bombard our little ones regularly. But we also have the joy of seeing stress DECREASE while under consistent chiropractic care- resulting in improved sleep, decreased anxiety, less stimming, better behaviors and concentration in school, improved constipation, and much more!