Doc, I Just Can't Sleep!

Catching quality ZZZ’s is a hard thing to come by these days. From adults to children we often hear reports of, “I don’t sleep well” or “my child is constantly fussy and we are up with him/her all night”.  


What if I told you I knew how you and your little one
could get a more restful night’s sleep?

Sleep is important for everyone! When our body has adequate time to rest and recover we are able to improve our physical and mental health, allow for proper growth and development, and ensure safety as we go about our day. It really is a win all around!

What if I told you chiropractic was your answer…
would you believe me? 

Unfortunately people have been raised to believe that chiropractors only deal with “neck and back pain” but that is simply not true. Chiropractic works towards removing interference and stress to your nervous system- the system that controls every other system in your body!

When stress on your nerves is removed your nervous system is able to pump the breaks a bit (no more “fight or flight” stress response), relax, and recover more easily. Chiropractors frequently hear sleep success stories from their practice members and it’s no coincidence when your nervous system is correctly functioning!

After regular chiropractic care, adults often report increased quality of sleep, energy upon awakening and the ability to enjoy their daily routine without the need for sleep medication at night and/or constant caffeine throughout the day.

Parents are also thrilled to report that their children are calmer throughout the day, sleeping better throughout the night, and have significant decreases in colic or frequent crying episodes.

Below is just one example of how chiropractic has been linked with improved sleep behaviors in children:

In 2008, Dr. Miller published a study on chiropractic and infant sleep behaviors. The study comprised of 116 infants with a majority enrolled for the following chief complaints: 10% with sleep disturbance and 75% with “excessive infant crying”.

Parents from this study reported their infants fell asleep more quickly and easily, increased quality of sleep, decreased time needed to settle into sleep, and improvement in the total amount of time slept. The best part was that a majority of parents saw improvement after only 1 adjustment! WOW!

If you, or your child, are facing sleep disturbances that are decreasing quality of life-
why wait it out when chiropractic can help?