4 MUSTS to Start Your Year Off with a Bang!

It is officially week one of the new year, and your New Year’s resolution may or may not be in full force yet! Resolutions such as establishing a workout routine, vowing to eat healthier, reducing stress, and living a happier life tend to be the most popular. However, if you are anything like the average Joe, this promise to add, takeaway, or change a behavior entirely can consume you initially, and then quickly fade after a few weeks time. What if there was one option that could help you accomplish and stick to ALL of your goals?

Well good news! There is, and it is called chiropractic.

Below will highlight why the most popular New Year's resolutions are important, and how chiropractic can help you achieve each resolution with greater ease!


1.     Establishing a workout routine
Staying active by belonging to a gym is a great idea! Not only will consistently working out result in increased physical health, but gyms are a great way to build a supportive community to help guide you in your goals. We highly recommend 2 local gyms:  Spindle Fitness and Hustle Fitness. Both gyms are extremely beneficial depending on the type of workout you are looking for, and allow for flexibility when it comes to your busy schedule. BONUS- they have a tight knit communities that hold you accountable for achieving the goals you desire.

Chiropractic and working out - Did you now that getting adjusted by a chiropractor regularly will not only improve the quality of your workout, but it will also help you recover more quickly? Athletes have also discovered a heightened body awareness, improved coordination, better balance, and increased flexibility.
What athlete doesn’t want that?

2.     Eating healthier
Consuming quality nutrients is key to your health. However, be careful, because what is “healthy” to one person may not be “healthy” to the next! We believe in following a diet filled with non-processed foods, organic fruits, vegetables, meats, and healthy fats. When grocery shopping, stick to the outside areas of store, the middle aisles are where the processed, “long shelf life” products hide!

Chiropractic and healthy eating - Changing your mindset on food can be challenging; however, by visiting a wellness chiropractor, you will be able to better handle stress placed on your body during this time of positive change. When you are battling food cravings and going through the detox period, you will be stronger in sticking to your new lifestyle change! Chiropractic also has been linked to improved digestion for all ages.

3.     Reducing stress
There is no doubt we would all benefit from stress reducing habits. From busy work schedules, to jam-packed personal schedules, and over-stimulating commutes for some, stress can seem inevitable. It is possible to learn how to manage stress your stress in many different ways, but we believe chiropractic is a very important resource that has been overlooked.

Chiropractic and reducing stress - We all face three major stressors every single day! These stressors include chemical stress, physical stress, and emotional stress. It is our understanding that stress is what leads to dis-ease, or dysfunction in the body. It is the role of a chiropractor to detect the stress placed on your nervous system and remove it! This leads to a decreased “fight-or-flight” response that most are struggling with, improvement in stress levels, and a more productive you!

4.     Living a happier life
Being thankful for what you have, being present in the moment, and focusing on positivity all bring forth happiness! We should focus on happiness every single day, not just on January 1st. How have you worked towards achieving happiness?

Chiropractic and happiness - One of the top successes in our office, as stated by practice members, is improved mood! By removing interference (stress) from the nervous system, your body is better able to adapt and perceive your environment. Outside factors appear less as a threat, resulting in a boosted mood and a healthier, happier you!

If you agree that chiropractic care would be a great addition to your New Year’s resolution, schedule an appointment to get checked! After all, why wait when you can experience health now?! Remember, chiropractic is valuable in all aspects of your wellness journey, not just this year!