Essential Oils 101


We get a lot of questions about what essential oils we diffuse in our office - there is nothing better than being greeted with a refreshing and calming scent! These tiny bottles of goodness can also be used for more than simply diffusing. Find out some other benefits below!

Frankincense ✨
-Promotes healthy skin
-Helps with focus and relaxation when stressed

Lavender 💜
-Promotes relaxation

Lemon 🍋
-Uplifting scent
-Helps support digestion and immune function

Panaway 💦
-Helps reduce tension and discomfort
-Add a drop to an unscented lotion or directly on skin as an "Icy Hot" alternative

Peppermint ✅
-Supports alertness and concentration
-Digestion aid

Purification 🙊
-Great for disagreeable odors
-Diffuse next to stinky trash/diaper bin!

Stress Away 🌿
-Helps promote relaxation and stress management

Thieves ❤️
-Immune system booster
-Amazing for cleaning your home!

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