Let's Chat: 5 Reasons Why We Don't Bill Insurance

Let's face it, insurance can be CONFUSING!
Because of that, we want to be open and honest with you in regards to the insurance policies in our office.

When most people hear that we don't bill insurance directly, they instantly freak. We have been there, so we totally get it. HOWEVER, how well do you actually know your insurance plan? Even if your insurance plan does cover chiropractic care... how many visits? Did you realize that your co-pay might be higher than our actual adjustment costs? How high is the deductible you need to meet before getting care covered? And the list goes on...

Allow us to share with you our policies and the most commonly asked questions we receive daily!

1. Symptomatic relief vs corrective care
We have intentionally chosen not to contract with insurance providers because it allows us to practice how we feel is best. Our office follows a corrective care (or restoration care) model rather than simply focusing on symptomatic relief. What does this mean? It means that we understand that healing takes TIME. It also means that we don't believe symptoms dictate health. We know that symptoms are alarm signals from our body that stress has been building up over time. Let us give you an example...

A majority of people wait to bring their child to us when their constipation is at it's worst or when they are on their 3rd round of tubes for ear infections. However, when they come in for their initial examination we find that the child has had significant stress on their nervous system for an extended period of time (most of the time since BIRTH), and now we are essentially working backwards to peel back layers. Can we still help? ABSOLUTELY! However healing is going to take longer than if the child was seen earlier on in life. Post birth trauma (c-section, forceps, vacuum extraction), post exposure to environmental toxins, post falls, and the list goes on!

In-network chiropractors must also sign agreements with insurance companies that they will only treat symptoms. However, in our office we correct the CAUSE of the symptoms so that health can be expressed in the most optimal way. Essentially, being a cash practice means that we have the freedom to take care of our patients the way we feel is best. It aligns with our values and beliefs towards health.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 9.53.59 AM.png

2. Reality of high deductibles and co-pays
Can we talk about deductibles... YIKES! We took a poll, and the average amount of individual and family deductibles are $4,000-$8,000. If we were to bill insurance, we would be restricted to charging high copays prior to the practice member hits their high deductible. Sometimes the copay charges would be higher than our actual adjustment fee! Because we stay out-of-network you don't have to worry about high deductibles or paying a copay each visit. 

3. No visit limits
Often times insurance companies will cap the amount of visits paid for per year. The allotted amount of paid adjustments is often very small and isn't always realistic for the amount of care actually needed (see above example!). Because of this, many people are left to pay for a majority of their care plans anyway! In our office, Dr. Tom puts together individualized care plans based on severity of health history, specific health goals, and assessment results. This means that we don't follow a "cookie cutter" approach to care. We pride ourselves on this model because it allows for true health to be expressed on an individualized timeline.

4. Family discounts
Did you know that the average cost of a chiropractic visit is $65 for in-network providers? Because we stay out-of-network, we are able to decrease the cost per visit. We take care of many families in our office- hence the name, Roots FAMILY Chiropractic! We know how expensive care can get for an entire family, therefore we have put together family discounts for both restoration plans and wellness plans. Each subsequent immediate family member that signs up for care receives a greater discount. If we were under a contract with insurance companies, we would not be able to legally offer these types of discounts.

5. Options, options, options
We want you to have options when it comes to payment. Because of that we provide our practice members with different payment options and possibilities for reimbursement. If your insurance plan has a HSA or FSA account attached, we are able to accept that type of payment and are more than happy to provide you with receipts as needed! If you have out-of-network chiropractic benefits, we can provide you with an itemized receipt that you can send directly to your insurance company for processing. In a nut shell, you pay us, and your insurance pays you according to your chiropractic benefits. It's that easy!

Still curious about how our office works? Come meet us! You can come into our office for an initial consultation before making any financial decisions, and before deciding to move forward with care. This allows you to see how we can help, learn about how we do chiropractic in our office, and decide if we are a good fit for your family! To schedule this appointment, please call 312.724.8724 or email us at info@rootsfamilychiro.com