Top 4 Apps for Healthy Families!

The following 4 phone apps are our favorites for growing a healthy, happy and active family! 

1. Think Dirty
Are you curious about the ingredients in the products you are using? Whether it be your cosmetics, personal care, or cleaning products, this app is the quickest way to find out what toxic ingredients are sneaking in! All you need to do is type in the product name or scan the barcode, and Think Dirty will share with you the details.


2. UV Lens
UV Lens allows you to easily check when it's safe to be outside versus when to avoid the sun. This simple to use app gathers a quick skin type assessment to help you decide what measures to take: sunscreen vs none, short-duration vs long-duration outside, etc!

3. My Chi Parks
If you live in Chicago, My Chi Parks is where it's at! This app holds more than 1,000 free events around the city, in all 77 neighborhoods. Download this app if you are interested in finding out when the next movie in the park is, community workout opportunities, fairs, live music, etc!

4. Wonder Weeks
The Wonder Weeks app is a great resource for parents with babies 0-20 months old! This app helps track developmental changes little ones experience as they learn and grow. Per research, a vast majority of babies make 10 predictable "leaps" during their first 20 months of life. These "leaps" are filled with increased learning, drastic changes in mental development, mood, health, sleeping patterns and more! Is your baby a little more fussy than normal? Could be entering into a new leap! Track this and more via Wonder Weeks.

Do you have a favorite app your family uses? We would love to know!