WHY is my child experiencing _____?

Why is my child constantly sick?
Why is my child colicky?
Why is my child not sleeping?
Why is my child constipated?
Why is my child having one ear infection after another?
Why is my child having behavioral issues?
Why is my child experiencing seizures?
Why is my child always hyperactive?
Why is my child with acid reflux?


These are just a few examples of questions that many parents find themselves asking. Your pediatrician appointments may then become routine, referrals to specialty clinics comes next, and at the end of the day medications are often given as the answer.

But have you ever been told WHY your child is experiencing _____?


The last place you have probably thought to look for answers is a chiropractic office. Am I right? It’s definitely easy to miss something you aren’t looking for… but the truth is that many parents are starting to shift towards looking into chiropractic FIRST!

Not only are these parents finding out WHY their children are experiencing health and behavioral concerns, but they are also experiencing RESULTS without the need for lotions, potions, and medications! This is the best of both worlds for parents and children, and should not be taken lightly.

Why Chiropractic is Different

Over the years chiropractic has been viewed as an “overpriced Tylenol” for individuals with back and neck pain. However, did you know that only 10% of your nervous system function works to perceive pain? Therefore 90% of dis-ease that is happening in your body is unable to be felt and is occurring at a deeper level.

Chiropractors know that symptoms are merely the body’s expression of an internal imbalance. This is often caused by a build-up of stress occurring over time. Even for your children!

In order for your child to properly grow and develop, it is critical that their nervous system is working in balance. For example, your body cannot be in “growth” and “protection” mode at the same time- it isn’t physically possible. Think about it… if your brain is constantly perceiving a grizzly bear in the corner, do you think it would also be able to signal for you to go to sleep, digest your food, or turn into a calmer state? Of course not! It’s time to get your child’s nervous system, the master controller of the human bodied, free of interference. We call this interference, subluxation, and it occurs in all of us due to three different types of stress.

Viewing Stress Differently

Stress doesn’t just come about due to having a crazy schedule or worrying about how the next bill is going to be paid. Stress perceived by your nervous system can be a result of three distinct forms: thoughts, traumas, and toxins.

Although your child may be experiencing constipation, and another child may be experiencing hyperactivity, both responses stem from an improperly functioning nervous system. It is our knowledge that stress disrupts the nervous system's ability to properly communicate to the brain, and the appropriate systems in the body, to function at 100%.

Emotional Stress (THOUGHTS): Emotional stress is most often associated with anxiety and depression. However, many children express emotional stress in forms of physical responses such as stomach aches, headaches, diarrhea, or behavioral outbursts. It is important to recognize these symptoms.

Physical Stress (TRAUMAS): Physical stress can begin as early as during the birth process. Unfortunately the United States has one the highest rates of intervention use during delivery such as forceps, vacuum extraction, and c-sections. Even the most natural of births can result in anywhere from 60-90lbs of pressure on the infants head/neck as he or she passes through the birth canal. Think of the additional amount utilized when using tools are deemed medically necessary! Other forms or physical stress can include falling when learning to walk, injuries that occur while playing sports, etc.

Chemical Stress (TOXINS): Chemical stress is evident everywhere in today’s environment. Chemicals are found in processed foods, household cleaning agents, prescription medications, etc. These chemical stressors impact your child’s nervous system by bombarding it with toxic substances, and should be limited where possible.


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At Roots Family Chiropractic, we know that the best way to find out how we can help your child is by getting him or her checked. We don’t just guess where the problem lies, we assess! Prior to your child’s first adjustment in our office, Dr. Tom completes a thorough health consultation and a neurological assessment to find out exactly WHY and WHERE your child’s nervous system is experiencing dysfunction. To find out more about the assessment technology we use, click HERE.

If this rings true to you- call us TODAY to find out how we can help!
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