Lauren's Story: Infertility, Pregnancy, & Beyond

As I write this blog I am 37.5 weeks pregnant, sitting in a local coffee shop on Lincoln Avenue (shout out to Heritage Coffee), and loving my pregnancy journey!

At 37 weeks, you may be thinking:
Are you ready to get that baby out of you?
So many aches and pains!
I’m sure you are waddling around.
Sleeping is probably really uncomfortable.
Get ready for that epidural!

At 37 weeks, I am thinking:
I am ready to meet my little man and see his sweet face.
The only aches and pains I really experience are Braxton-Hicks contractions.
No waddling (except when I urgently have to pee!)
From the looks of my pillow, covered in drool, sleep is not much of a problem.
My body is designed for birth.

Yes I am a first-time mom, and no I really don’t know what to expect when it comes to labor and delivery except for what I have chose to read, and learned through our childbirth education class. But I am also very excited to surrender to this process and experience what my body is designed to do- bring life to our newest addition! This does not make me naive or overly positive; it has simply created a supportive environment for myself, my child, and my overall experience. Free of judgment, free of expectations, and full of the belief that whatever outcome happens is what my body innately knows is best for mom and baby!

I have been surrounded by an amazing pregnancy and birth team, and I wish this for every expecting woman. Many women include their OB, a midwife, and/or a doula as their primarily team. But who else has supported you on your journey? Or even BEFORE finding out you were expecting?

Did you think to include a chiropractor?

My Chiropractic Story- Not Always Easy, Even for a Chiropractor’s Wife!

My story with chiropractic begins far before finding out I was pregnant. In fact, I was told that it would be VERY difficult for me to ever get pregnant. My chiropractic journey began with getting checked by a chiropractor after experiencing amenorrhea for 1.5 years. I was tired of being placed on medications to “jump start” a menstrual cycle that never happened, and decided to try a more natural approach to health. I knew that I wanted children in the future, and hearing that this would be a challenge from my medical doctor was not what I wanted to hear. Instead, my chiropractor educated me on the importance of my nervous system, the master controller of the human body, and how spinal misalignments can actually result in decreased communication from the master controller to all other systems in the body. In my case, primarily affecting my endocrine and reproductive systems. A few months after starting chiropractic care, focusing on diet changes, and incorporating quality supplements, my menstrual cycle started on its own- and I have been regular ever since!

A few years later, Tom and I decided it was time to expand the Williams family. Shortly after, we found out we were expecting our 1st child on a Memorial Day weekend. We were thrilled and amazed by the life we were able to conceive thanks to continued and consistent chiropractic care. However, 7 weeks later, that life ended and it was hands-down the most difficult thing I have experienced. Although it was difficult for both of us, we trusted that my body knew it was not yet ready to sustain life or provide our child with the best environment possible at that time.

Fast-forward to present day and we are now in the final countdown for our 2nd child to enter this world. I have been receiving chiropractic care throughout my entire pregnancy, and I can honestly say that making care a priority has helped result in a healthy, happy pregnancy for both me and baby. Not only are aches and pains minimal, but I have seen success with decreased nausea, improved sleep, increased energy, and minimal swelling. Baby Williams is also very active, healthy, and has remained in optimal position for birth. What mom doesn’t want that?

Chiropractic has taught me that my body is capable of AMAZING things once interference is removed to the nervous system. Is every pregnancy journey perfect? Of course not! However, in my life, chiropractic has helped me regain “womanhood” by allowing my body to successfully regain a regular menstrual cycle and create life. Lastly, I am eager to experience labor and delivery knowing that my pelvis and sacrum are aligned properly, and trusting that my nervous system is functioning 100% for labor to initiate and continue as it should.

Webster Technique & Pregnancy- How We Can Help YOU!

Are you currently expecting and looking for ways to enhance your pregnancy? In our office, Dr. Tom is Webster Technique certified. What does this mean? The Webster Technique is a specific technique used by chiropractors, primarily prenatal chiropractors, to help facilitate correct pelvic and sacral alignment for expecting women. By ensuring proper alignment- balance in the pelvic muscles, ligaments, and nervous system function are also restored. This allows for decreased tension on the uterus, providing a greater likelihood of optimal fetal position for baby. Although many pregnant women are aware of this technique for breech babies, it is beneficial for all pregnancies and baby presentations. Because of this, chiropractic care during pregnancy has also been associated with decreased pain during labor, decreased labor and delivery times, and decreased need for intervention during the birthing process!

Are you family planning or currently expecting? Experience how chiropractic can enhance your journey, like it did mine, by calling us today!