Children don't need chiropractic care... explained by a chiropractor!

"Children don't need chiropractic care... they don't have neck or back pain."

We hear versions of this statement all the time outside of our office.
This is a MYTH that needs to be debunked!

Unfortunately the value of chiropractic for children is misunderstood and unfamiliar to parents in our mainstream medical world.
And yet chiropractic is one of the least invasive interventions, and can result in your child reaping more health benefits overall!

The reason why chiropractic care is so important for children can begin by better understanding the birth process. Birth is a beautiful thing; however, on average, a newborn experiences 60-90lbs of pressure on their head and neck. This can result in improper spinal structure and strains that can manifest into more life-long issues if not taken care of. After all, your child’s spine surrounds the system that is responsible for EVERYTHING from their heart pumping, to breathing, growth and development, digestion, emotional regulation... the list goes on! This system is the NERVOUS SYSTEM.

But the importance of chiropractic doesn’t just end with a few adjustments post birth. As your child continues to grow and develop, enters into new developmental periods of rolling over, holding up his/her head, crawling, walking, and playing sports; chiropractic should continue along side of your child to ensure new traumas are addressed and corrected.

We know that it is better to grow healthy kids, than to fix injured adults. In order to ensure that your child’s nervous system is functioning at 100% so that they are able to maintain health and wellness; the answer lies in chiropractic. 

Be well,
Dr. Tom