Trick or Treat... ditch what's sweet!


We all know that sugar isn't good for our health. But although we know that sugar has no nutritional value and can lead to many health concerns, we continue to allow our children to eat one sugary snack after another. In fact, on average children consume up to 32 teaspoons of sugar per day. That is almost 5x the recommended amount... WOAH!

Did you know that there are over 60 names for sugar? This makes it tricky for parents to know exactly what they are feeding their children. Large amounts of hidden sugar can be found in yogurts, condiments, and processed foods- some foods that you would least expect! The obvious health risks associated with high sugar intake include obesity, tooth decay, and type 2 diabetes. But did you also know that insomnia, dizziness, skin irritation/breakouts, poor immune function, and hair loss can also be associated?

This Halloween, let's make sure the trick or treat bags are promoting fun and creativity instead of poor health! Your kids will have just as much fun, and their bodies will thank you as they grow and development.

Here are 10 non-candy trick or treat ideas that are sure to keep your children healthy and happy:

1. Stickers
2. Glow sticks
3. Bubbles
4. Activity books
5. Pencils, erasers, bookmarks
6. Bouncy balls
7. Spinners (tops, fidget spinners, etc)
8. Silly straws
9. Vouchers to local kid-friendly activities (i.e. indoor play gyms, museums, etc)
10. Healthy treat alternatives (granola bars, trail mix, etc)