Fill up your cup, mama!


Ladies... I feel you!

Our families, our jobs, and the never ending laundry holds a much higher priority on all of our lists. Our physical coffee cup gets filled numerous times a day so that we can keep up, but what about us personally?

Are you carving out time for yourself so that you can feel recharged and filled up with joy?

Sure spending time for yourself sounds great, but let's face it- we need a plan. Below are
5 questions to ask yourself when making a plan to fill up your cup and how to stick with it!

1. What time of day is best?
Are you a night owl or an early bird? This makes all the world of a difference! Since I am an early bird, mornings are the most ideal time to fill up my cup. Maybe the best time of day for you is one in which your child is napping, your spouse or babysitter is available to take your child, or at night when everyone else is asleep. Find what time works best for you and stick with it!

2. What lights you up?
Do something each day that rejuvenates you! This is different for each person, and only you can find that special thing. Writing lights me up. That's why I spend a lot of my alone time writing blogs for RFC!

3. What relaxes you?
The worst thing ever is carving out alone time and then feeling even more stressed out once it's over. Spend your time doing something that leaves you feeling relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of your day or night!

4. Where should you go?
I need quiet during my alone time, so this means either going in a different room of our apartment (away from distractions) or I am going to a quiet coffee shop. But your ideal place might be different! Maybe you would rather go to the gym to sweat it out or meet up with that one friend for a consistent coffee chat. This is YOUR time!

5. Why are you doing this?
Before you answer any of the questions above, you must answer this question first. WHY are you filling up your cup? Every answer might be different, but this is so very important. If you don't know why you are designating time for yourself, you honestly won't ever do it. And if you don't ever do it, then you might not have the energy to be the best version of you. Write down your WHY, tuck it away, and reflect on it. 

Be well,