Top 10 chiropractic testimonials from PARENTS!

You won't believe the results we see in our office!
The testimonials written below are from moms in our office that are thrilled with the changes they have seen for their children.

High-fives all around for chiropractic!

1. The adjustments even helped with her chronic itching, her energy has been up, and she's had a better mood!
-9 year old

2. We have noticed a significant improvement in his focus, coordination and mood since receiving care from Dr. Tom. We have even received positive feedback from his teachers and his coaches.
-7 year old

3. Within the second week of treatment she pooped 6 out of 7 days on her own. No need for Miralax or suppositories.
-1.5 year old

4. As time went on and the more adjustments he received, I could see significant improvement, he was lovie again, less moody and using the
potty successfully.

-4 year old

5. The first visit she was adjusted, she slept for hours in a row that night. Continuing treatment she has only gotten better. Three months later, she is sleeping well and can fall asleep without nursing.
-2 year old

high 5.jpg

6. He is less anxious, and he has not been sick since starting care.
-8 year old

7. Her school asked what we did differently because she was like a different kid in the classroom. She was concentrating better, handling her emotions, improving on potty training. With every adjustment, the sensory issues seem to just melt away. 
-4 year old

8. She is a different baby. It's amazing! She still cries, but that's what a normal baby does. It's NOTHING like it was before.
-2 month old

9. He has gone from being able to eat only pureed foods to now trying and eating broccoli, sloppy joe, and peanut butter sandwiches. Speech/feeding therapist sees a difference and we have been able to decrease frequency!
-4 year old

10. The results really showed through in the classroom. His teachers would come up to me saying that his speech especially had exploded. And that his participation really had evolved - kind of suddenly. And as the treatment progressed, he just overall calmed down.
-9 year old

-BONUS Testimonial-

11. Ear infections are fewer and less severe. We went from having one every month to only having one mild infection since starting care.
-2 year old(s)